What are they saying about NEO Fit?

Want to know more about NEO Fit?  Listen to what our runners are saying –
If I need any advice about injuries or questions about training, I always get a solid answer from the coaches.
 I’m not one to stick with anything for too long and I’m sure if I didn’t have this group to look forward to I would have quit running years ago.
It makes all the difference when you hear people you know yelling your name at the finish line. 
I love knowing there will always be someone to meet up with on Saturday
With NEO Fit I got the structure that was right for me.
The program took the work out and put the fun back into running.
NEO is a group of people at all ages, all walks of life, at different speeds, at different miles, but all with a common bond and all in support of each other.

I’ve learned so much about training… and learning more about myself and discovering my limits and capabilities.

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