Our Coaches

Terri Schoenholz

Head Coach - Marathon Group - Green Group (under 9:00 minute/mile)

All I wanted to do was run. I really had no interest in finishing a marathon or even a half marathon, but I joined NEO FIT so that I could have some people to run with. Week after week, we would all run together, increasing distance bit by bit. And before I knew it, we were running 10, 15, and over 20 miles on our long runs.

I never imagined I’d be able to run that distance, but my group members made it fun. Everyone encouraged each other, and because of that support, I did run the a marathon that year. Since then, I’ve run many marathons. I have run the Boston Marathon a few times, as well as an ultramarathon. This great group of running friends at NEO FIT have encouraged me and helped me to accomplish goals I never even thought were possible.

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