Our Coaches

Mark Paul

Head Coach - 5K, Faster 5K and Faster 10K Training Programs

Hello, my name is Mark Paul and I am the NEO Fit coach for the 5 / 10K runners.

To say that I have been running for a long time is a bit of an understatement.  Running is my bliss. The other day coach Brenda told me that we had been running together for the last 13 years! I didn’t believe her but we did the math and she was spot on.  During that time my wife and I have run a lot of races, generally here in the Midwest and New England. However, my first race was all the way back in 1980. It was a 10K race in Concord Township, Ohio. By the way I ran it in 48 minutes and change.  And believe me, YOU will remember your first race.

Prior to “discovering” NEO Fit, I was just messing around making up my own schedules for training. It worked….but not very well. Soon after our daughter was born in 1992 I learned that I had to cut way back on my running.  As age 50 was approaching and my daughter was becoming somewhat self sufficient, I started back to running fairly consistently. I was using my old tried and true method of making it up as I go. Well, at near 50 that didn’t work so well (injuries) and that is when a friend suggested NEO Fit.

NEO Fit provided me with a workable schedule.  More importantly the friends that I have met and run with every Saturday hold me accountable.  You will find that to be true as well. I find that the people of NEO Fit are the best motivators for helping you reach your goals.

I am excited to get this season started and to meet and run with you all.  As I mentioned, I will be coaching the 5 / 10K runners.  I have reviewed the schedules and they look very manageable. I hope to make the Saturday morning runs as enjoyable/fun as possible.  Before the runs the NEO Fit team puts on informative seminars that address many of the questions that may and do come up during the season.

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