Our Coaches

Lee Anne Sabol

Head Coach - Marathon Group - Red Group (10:30 minutes/mile and greater)

“I’m going to run a marathon someday.”  I told myself the same thing for several years, but it felt like a daunting endeavor to take on alone. Sure, I ran a few 5ks and even a half marathon long ago, but I hadn’t trained properly on my own, struggled with motivation and injuries, and ended up abandoning running for five years.  In 2009, I decided to reintroduce running into my life and start from scratch by properly training for a 5k. The positive experience of following a solid plan led me to search for a marathon training group that met my needs as a recreational runner. I found NEO Fit online and knew it was the perfect FIT! With multiple pace groups and so many other runners like me in the group, I knew I could succeed! I trained for my first marathon with NEO Fit in 2010 and have run the Akron Marathon every year since then! There is a reason members keep coming back each year; NEO Fit provides the structure, support, encouragement, education, and the excitement to get through the training and past the finish line. I look forward to each new season and meeting new runners to share the excitement of the journey. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing on Saturday mornings than running with friends, and meeting new ones along the way, in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

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