Our Coaches

Jody Tyrpak

Head Coach - Marathon Group - Yellow Group (9:00-10:30 minute/mile)

During my first years of running, I ran a couple 5Ks. And one summer, I thought I was up for a bit more of a challenge, so I signed up for NEO FIT’s half marathon program. I fell in love with the program from the beginning and quickly switched over to the full marathon group. That first year with NEO FIT, I ran my first 10K, my first 10-miler, my first half marathon, and finally, my first marathon!

It is amazing what you can accomplish with comraderie, shared goals, and wonderful support. And it was so much fun! I found that each week I was really looking forward to the long run with the group. I learned that anyone can truly run a marathon with a supportive group like NEO FIT.  I can’t wait to help others realize their potential. You’ll be amazed by what you are able to accomplish!

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