Our Coaches

Brenda Runion

Head Coach - Half Marathon Group - All paces

I can’t tell you how happy I was to find a group like NEO FIT! I have run with the group since 2005 when I decided I wanted to find people to run with on the weekends. Running with the group has made me a better runner and coach. I am constantly inspired by others pushing themselves, creating new boundaries and achieving the ultimate goal of running a half or full marathon.

I started with the half program, not believing that I could ever run a marathon. Once I had a little more confidence and experience, I was able to complete the full marathon. Finishing my first marathon in 2006 was a very personal and powerful experience. I hope to help other people have such meaningful life experiences through running. While a little encouragement and coaching can go a long way, no one can run a race for you. That is the best thing about running – your own two feet have to get you across the finish line. But running with a supportive group of people can sure help!

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